About Us

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Bug-Man Termite and Pest Control is first and foremost a family owned and operated company. You’ll always know who’s coming in your home, no strangers, no fear of un-trust worthy people.

All technicians are experienced & all must attend seminars offered by the state of NJ to keep up with the latest technology to best treat your home, office or commercial property.

Bug-Man has over 14 years experience & covers all of North Jersey and most of Central Jersey. When calling Bug-Man, a human will always answer 24/7. All work is done under owner supervision.


Our Mission

You, the customer, are our most important asset. You are not just a number. When you call for service you actually get to talk to a human. We are family oriented and you will, in most cases, have the same service technician every time. He will get to know your specific needs in order to serve you better.

Our Philosophy

With the economy being what it is today, we understand you the consumer don’t want to spend more than necessary to maintain your home. Bug-Man doesn’t spend millions of dollars on radio and TV ads like the major companies. We can pass the savings on to you and still provide you with the latest technology and the best, safest chemicals available.

Company Overview

Best Service


Good Quality


Best Products


With our 24-hour response time, we ensure you will have your pest control issue addressed immediately. We make pest protection easy and hassle-free, providing you with the best customer service experience in the industry.

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Most people are justifiably concerned about their safety & that of their children and pets. There is always a risk when using any chemical, but when used properly & according to the label specifications provided by the state of NJ, all risk is minimized for the safest applications. Feel free to ask our professionals all you want to know.
That’s right, if you go to work early or come home late, we will work with what’s convenient for you. All work is owner supervised.
As an extra incentive for all of our loyal customers, any referrals that buy pest control or termite treatment as a result of your referral will receive a $50 discount on their next pest renewal.

Our Guarantee

Bug-Man will always urge any and all potential customers to do their homework regarding quality and safety when it comes to treating your home. We at Bug-Man use the finest product that has come along in recent years called TERMIDOR. A proven product since 2000, Termidor has given both home-owners and pest control people, peace of mind. Termidor is unique in that it has a transfer effect. This means as the termites pass thru it, thinking it is just moisture, they, being social insects, will pass it on to each other back at the colony before they die off. Remember a colony can contain upwards of 350,000 termites. Only licensed pest professionals, who have been certified, can apply Termidor. Please use the information highway and state agencies to get all the info you need to satisfy yourself.

Termite treatment takes 90 days to eliminate the actual colony. After this period if there is any sign of termite activity Bug-Man will retreat the area within 15 feet as the EPA allows at no charge to you.

Pest control generally takes 30-45 days to alleviate the problem and we will retreat to your satisfaction depending on the frequency of your contract.


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